Medicine and Pharmacology

Holistic Hope promotes the use of cannabis solely for medical purposes, in contrast to other approaches that prevail in other countries, which focus on legalization. The support and participation of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are a prerequisite for implementation of medical cannabis and a critical condition for the development of a medical cannabis market. This is evidenced by the training of medical teams, which is considered to be a major barrier to regulation in the United States, and constitutes a fundamental problem in the growing U.S. market.

Medicine and Pharmacology are critical stakeholders in the promotion of medical cannabis, from involvement in research, through to educating patients and influencing public opinion, all the way to the issue of prescriptions and the correct and safe use for consumers.

Holistic Hope works with medical experts that promote the clinical use of cannabis by formulating a medical practice methodology that will constitute a recommendation tool for physicians, development of medical indications, training of physicians, and the establishment of an effective regulatory structure that facilitates patients’ access to medical cannabis products and the collection of statistics as to their use.

Alongside the importance of physicians and pharmacists in the medical process, American medical entities have an important role in advancing cannabis use. In recent years, a medical community has emerged in the United States with know-how and experience in treating patients with cannabis. The scope of the treatment, which began with a few cases in the 1990s, now stands at 3.7 million patients.

This involvement by physicians in cannabis regulation is critical for responsible decision making. Physicians who run government hospital departments in which cannabis is relevant for treatment manage studies to establish the advantages of cannabis for their patients. These collaborations are funded both by the government and private funding.