Federal and State Advocacy

Combatting patient brokering. Increasing access to medication for addiction treatment. Ensuring government funding only goes toward treatment programs proven to actually work. These are the things we’re working hard to accomplish in D.C. and in state capitals across the country. Over the past several years, our team has become a respected medical cannabis advocate with a proven track record of success.

Holistic Hope is a Non Profit 501C(3) founded in 2019 to advocate for the implementation of a strong, well-regulated, medical cannabis system. Holistic Hope works for best practices to be put in place for patients, physicians, and operations overall. Holistic Hope organizes to provide research, expert opinions, and feedback on a wide range of medical cannabis issues and speaks on behalf of patients and physicians when they cannot. The organization is supported by legal experts, patient advocates, health experts, business leaders, and government representatives as a resource in policy development.

Holistic Hope is reimagining the way we think, talk, and respond to opioid addiction. How we engage with people who suffer from OUD determines how they recover. Through innovative research, alliances with our government leaders, and evidence-based information, we plan to provide revolutionary care and medicinal-assisted solutions to restore recovering addicts back to a fully functional life.

Meeting with your legislators and expressing your views on matters of public concern is one of the most effective ways to influence their votes. We have seen lawmakers who were indifferent to medical cannabis become supporters or even champions when they heard patients’ personal stories. It is important to note that as elected officials, legislators are entrusted with great responsibility and expect respectful communication.