Compassionate Care Program

We know the financial burden living with chronic illness creates. That is why we created the Holistic Hope Cannabis Compassion Program. We are committed to helping those in need, those under financial hardship, and our country’s veterans. We at Holistic Hope, have partnered with a number of reputable companies to offer necessary financial assistance to those who qualify.

A lapse in income or financial support should never mean a lapse in treatment. Holistic Hope Cannabis Compassion Program ensures that medical cannabis patients have consistent access to the high-quality medication they depend on. Medical cannabis dispensaries provide unique services that patients rely on to treat a variety of ailments, both acute and chronic.

We hope to develop a community-based support system built on trust, compassion and a high standard of service. The Holistic Hope Cannabis Compassion Program will allow us to expand our care for patients to a sector of the healthcare industry where there are little, to no options for those that can’t afford their medication.

We intend to develop a Compassion Program that produces long-term, community-wide benefits. Our programs ensures personalized care for patients who need it most, by adopting a strategic and thorough approach that addresses multiple areas of need. Holistic Hope believes in offering individualized treatment specific to each patient, rather than simply providing free or discounted medication. If you believe you or someone you know fit these criteria, please apply today!