Community and Organizations

Holistic Hope is actively working to improve the recovery rate for Opioid Use Disorder survivors. We believe that the strongest path forward is to remove the ideological, regulatory, and legislative barriers that prevent opioid addiction survivors from access to the treatment they need. Under no circumstance would people stand idly by as those suffering from cancers, heart diseases, or diabetes be denied treatment. Thus, we find it equally inexcusable that patients suffering from opioid addiction be blocked from treatment options.

Our community consists of anyone looking for more information about cannabinoid therapies including governmental agencies, schools, law enforcement officials, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Holistic Hope works with other nonprofit professional associations, healthcare providers and industry experts to host events that provide continuing education to patients, colleagues, healthcare professionals, and medical cannabis advocates about the medical use of cannabis and best practices in clinical care.

The goals of the hosted events are as follows: First, to share clinical evidence with colleagues and patients. Second, to develop and promote best practice standards for cannabis consultations. Third, to evaluate and recommend policies relating to cannabis research, production, and safety. Fourth, to encourage medical graduates and healthcare professionals to discuss cannabis as a treatment option with patients. Fifth, to defend and expand physicians’ rights to practice cannabis-based medicine. Finally, to remove impediments to clinical research.

We welcome physicians and allied professionals employing medical cannabis in patient care to join our community and come to our events.