Academia and Education

Holistic Hope believes high-quality education is the key to achieving widespread acceptance of medical cannabis, enabling medical practitioners to understand this complex therapeutic agent so that it may be integrated into modern medicine.

In the last several years, numerous countries across the globe have started to trend towards the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis-based medicinal products. But decades of stringent prohibition have created a set of challenges in allowing patients to access these medicines, which are increasingly being valued for their array of known and potential therapeutic properties. From a lack of research over the years having arrested our full understanding of these substances, to the wide set of misconceptions that have arisen around them due to the recreational usage of non-medicinal black market products, there is a gap to bridge in order to enable the understanding and prescribing of these medicines by clinicians.

Holistic Hope has solved this challenge by partnering with educational platforms that focus on providing a comprehensive series of modular courses that will train the clinician from foundations through to advanced and specialized areas of medicine.

Holistic Hope bridges the gap between state medical marijuana programs, medical education, and responsible patient care. Our educational mission is to give healthcare and public service professionals the competence and confidence to educate their patients and students on safety, as well as healthier and more effective treatment options that patients, families, and communities can use to improve their quality of life.

Holistic Hope also offers live seminars that are conducted by world-renowned physicians and healthcare professionals in order to provide information on the ever-evolving world of medical cannabis.